Pre Order Policy


A pre-order is an order placed for an item which has not yet been released; however an allocation for stock is available for purchase. It is the customer’s responsibility to read and understand this information before proceeding to place a Pre Order. There are also specific Pre Order items that are not held in stock, could be items that are odd sizes or unique parts or even just slow moving stock. We intend to be able to offer the oppurtunty to still purchase and import such items on behalf of the person(s) doing the pre order on such an item. The only consequence may be a slightly longer lead time as the item may need to be custom built or built to order.

NOTE: pre-orders are given a 5% discount in lieu of value of pre-orders prepayment, the discount deducted on date of delivery.

When you pre-order an item from OZline it is reserved exclusively for you and the order is placed with the manufacturer OR the stock that is on-route is allocated. Your card is charged when the order is placed so your item can be put into production. Anything with a later ship date is considered a pre order. We guarantee the arrival of the goods as described, and we will do the QA checks to ensure the goods are as ordered prior to delivery.

Please note that we have no control over when a pre-ordered item arrives, but instead offer estimates. This is due to the typical production schedules and sometimes an item may arrive several weeks before or after.


Pre-orders cannot be cancelled as a special order has been made exclusively for you with the manufacturer which means your item is already in production and it has been paid for. Pre- Order items are not eligible for a refund. BUT, this will be at the decision of OZline, as most items are standard and can be resold easily. Pre orders are designed to offer buyers the opportunity of reserving production to ensure delivery of popular stock that sells out quickly. It will be also effective for non-stocked models and specials.

Please note when ordering a 'pre-order' item, we ask that you check out and pay for the order separately to other items you would like to purchase. This will allow us to ship your other non-pre-order items straight away. Your pre-order will then be sent after the arrival date.


Once the decision is made to change, please communicate the issues as soon as possible via live chat or email  to allow for the possibility of zero issue cancellation. If it costs us nothing, it will cost you nothing.

Coupon codes and returns are not applicable on pre-ordered items.

If you are unsure please speak to us on Live Chat and we are happy to assist and answer any questions you may have about a particular item.