The requirement for a continuous source of power has become the prerequisite of our modern day living. No wonder people get flustered when there is a snag in the power line, be it in our homes, offices, commercial establishments or any of the public places. This has brought into prominence alternate sources of generating power such as generators. And out of the commonly available generators, diesel generators especially the silent ones carry more heft because of their size and power output capacity.

silent diesel generator

These compact systems even though look bigger are best suited to be used in hospitals, residential & office complexes, commercial establishments, schools etc. Imagine a critical operation being in progress at a hospital when suddenly the power trips. If a diesel generator is there it can literally become the lifeline for the patient. The best part of a silent diesel generator is its ability to generate the requisite voltage of power without making any noise. In fact, these have become indispensable in construction sites (buildings, bridges, tunnels, dams etc) where the absence of power can mean the stoppage of work.

Why Silent Diesel Generators are Better than Others?

Although there are a few devices that can be the alternate sources of power like inverters, portable generators and batteries, the massive power generation ability of a silent diesel generator puts it in a different league altogether.

Less noise: As opposed to a portable one, a diesel generator is encased within a steel frame that is almost soundproof and causes minimum vibrations. These features make them ideal to be used near residential complexes and hospitals.

Varying power generation capacity: Depending on your power requirement, you can install a silent diesel generator that is available for sale with an output range of 5KVA to 2250KVA.

Tough build: Since these are housed in strong steel enclosures these can withstand adverse weather conditions and rough handling. The tough build of such generators makes them amenable to be used in difficult places like construction sites.

Fuel efficiency: As the cost of diesel is considerably less than petrol or gasoline, the running cost of a silent diesel generator is less. In other words, these can produce more power per litre of diesel than its counterparts running on petrol or gasoline.

Given the wide usage of such generators, many brands are available in the market with enticing offers for customers. This is where the Ozline brand comes into the picture.

Why Ozline?

To begin with, the products available from the online store Ozline are certified for quality (CE, TUV etc) and manufactured under strict ISO guidelines. Another strong point is their availability at reasonable rates.

Hence, a silent diesel generator from Ozline is a preferred one for its quality and advanced features such as.

  • CE certified
  • Prime power at 16kw/20kva
  • Strong silencers with flexible flanged connection
  • Presence of a fuel tank at the base
  • Can run continuously for a duration of 10 hours
  • Warranty of one year or 1200 hours from the date of installation
  • Available in a number of sizes up to 200kw
  • 2x 16A x single phase & 1 x 32A x 3 phase Aussie sockets with RCBO


Silent diesel generators are widely used in a number of places for their versatility and robustness. However, sourcing them from Ozline would make them cost-effective, operationally sound, and qualitatively superior.