Irrigation forms the backbone of agriculture where a scarce resource like water is delivered through pipelines (like in drip irrigation) that use compression fittings to join the ends of pipes. However, these fittings often give way leading to the loss of precious resource like water. As a result, specific areas of the field can remain parched for not getting the requisite quantity of water.

You can well imagine the scale of crop damage such leakages can lead to if not plugged in time. The same story could even unfold in an industrial setting like a water treatment plant or a sewerage and effluent treatment plant where such leakages can prove costly. Moreover, since such fittings can carry compressed air at high pressure in them any leakage can mean big trouble.

Although, you can blame the weather for rust formation or the heat and cold for damaging the pipe joints through the process of contraction and expansion, more often than not it is the poor quality of compression fittings that does the damage. Let us first find out what compression fitting is all about.

compression fittings

The Importance of PP Compression Fittings

These are used to join different pipe segments in areas like agriculture fields, industrial facilities or housing where the pipes can either be made of similar or different materials such as PVC or copper. The pipes (in turn the fittings) are meant to carry water, fluids or even compressed air at high pressure. The pipes are then joined together through PP compression fittings typically made of a compatible material. These come in various shapes and sizes depending on the dimension of pipes and are known by names such as tee, elbow, reducing coupling, adaptor, and end cap.

Get Fittings from a Quality Source

In any plumbing work, the problem of leakage mostly begins at the joints. Thus, you need to ensure the ends of such compression fittings are of proper dimension for the respective pipes to properly fit into them. Besides, the quality of such fittings is of immense importance as the inferior ones do not last long and rather give in easily. This can lead to frequent leakages and attendant issues like loss of manhours and productivity not to speak of the money spent on setting these right.

So, while planning to set the pipeline for the purpose of irrigation in agriculture fields or for carrying water, slurry, sewerage or any other liquid in industries, make sure to use high quality compression fittings only. As the sourcing of quality stuff can be difficult given the presence of numerous stores dealing with such items it is better to go online and visit the Ozline store.

Why Ozline?

The online store showcases products of manufacturers that are fully quality certified. In fact, given the wide reach of Ozline and its strict adherence to standard quality parameters, a significant number of manufacturers have made the store their sole distributor and have bestowed upon it the tag of OEM. Ozline on its part has ensured that all its products such as compression fittings, LED battens, plastic pallets, safes, locks, or any other tool and equipment displayed online for Australia and other places are of the highest quality. Importantly, all the Ozline products are quality certified as CE/TUV etc, wherein most of them are manufactured under stringent ISO standards.

Features of Compression Fittings from Ozline

  • Proven resistance to chemicals such as solvents and oils
  • Do not taint the water that passes through them
  • Work at a maximum pressure of 16 bar for diameters ranging from 16mm to 63mm at a temperature of 200 C
  • Available stock sizes of diameter 20mm, 25mm, and 32mm
  • Fittings of other diameter can be availed on special order

Other Benefits to be Availed on Ozline

There is a general impression that quality products are costly. However, this is not true in the case of Ozline as its products are reasonably priced. Also, due to the availability of superior buying strategies customers often end up getting the maximum benefit. Ozline offers a limited product warranty on its products along with a 30 day return period for defective ones. The company provides its support services as well as far as installation or training is concerned.


It is better to avail tools and equipment such as compression fittings from a quality source like Ozline instead of suffering the consequences of using inferior quality ones.