The smooth functioning of any industry depends on the availability of one or more energy sources, be it electricity, water, petroleum products like natural gas, or compressed air. The last mentioned energy source, compressed air is used extensively in a number of industries ranging from water or effluent treatment plants, cement, and chemical to mining, metal, and many others. The compressed air is generated through devices called air compressors that come with elaborate systems and sub systems. These devices are known by names that are based on their functioning mechanisms such as screw, piston, sliding vane, and centrifugal compressors.

The most important part of any air compressor is its inlet, for input in the form of air enters the system to be processed (read compressed) further. And if the input air has impurities the entire system can get affected. Hence, the presence of an air filtration system becomes important to rid the input air of impurities.

air filtration systems

Functions Of Air Filters In Screw Air Compressor Systems

  • Prevent air compressors from developing snags by cleaning the input air of impurities
  • Improve the lifespan of air compressors, for any impure quality of air makes the compressors to work hard thus reducing their efficiency in the long run
  • Save cost as air compressors with dirty air would consume more energy leading to a needless expenditure

What Needs to be Done?

To cleanse the air of impurities that otherwise go into the screw air compressor system, it is better to replace the air filters regularly. It would keep you in good stead should you install air filtration systems from Ozline in Australia. These come in four types with uses as mentioned below.

Dust removal air filter (P): Helps to remove particles like rust and other solids that are bigger than 3 microns.

Oil removal air filter (M): Filters particles like water, oil & other solids that are bigger than 0.1 micron.

High precision air filter (H): Filters minute particles of water, oil and other solids that are bigger than 0.01 micron.

Activated carbon air filter (C): Removes oil vapours and other hydrocarbon particles by absorbing them.

Why Ozline?

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Products Available at Ozline

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Tools and Equipment for Sale

As discussed above, Ozline deals in a number of tools that are not only needed in industries but in small establishments and homes as well. These tools come in the form of vices, collets, 56 piece tap and die set, centre drill, tooling, and tool holders among others.


To ensure the smooth functioning of screw air compressors, quality air filtration system from Ozline in Australia should be used. This would ensure a longer lifespan of the air compressor systems and prevent any loss of productivity.