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OZline is a proudly Australian Owned and operated online business, locally run by an Australian family on the Gold Coast. We are dedicated to supplying good quality, well priced items to the general public and using superior buying strategies to ensure maximum savings for all our products.
In almost EVERY case, the goods you see on the shopfront have been inspected and certified fit for use and a bargain - manufacturers have been visited and a relationship have been developed between the manufacturer and OZline. Some parts have been OEM - Branded as OZLine products, and these manufactures have assigned full sole distributor status to OZline for these products.
Absolute care has been taken to ensure proper quality standards are maintained, and to this cause we have ensured that ALL our products are properly quality certified (CE/ TUV etc.) and manufactured mostly under ISO standards.
The shop is in no way dedicated to a specific line of products and will also continue to search and bring proper value and proper quality products to the market - so keep watching this space as we find more exciting and value for money deals!